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Vermont Clean State Program, April 8, 2004
Vermont Clean State Program
WHEREAS, Vermont state government has a duty and a responsibility to lead by example in conserving natural resources and practicing pollution prevention; and
WHEREAS, pollution prevention - reducing waste at the source - is often the most inexpensive way to diminish pollution and promote resource conservation while saving money; and
WHEREAS, state agencies generate waste through their operations and the materials they purchase; and 
WHEREAS, the State of Vermont remains committed to practicing resource conservation and pollution prevention as strategies to realize cost savings, increase efficiency, and enhance environmental protection; and
WHEREAS, a program of environmental education in addition to enactment of administrative policies, is needed to better inform each state agency about its environmental responsibilities and opportunities for resource conservation and pollution prevention.
 NOW THEREFORE, by virtue of the authority vested in me as Governor, I, James H. Douglas, do hereby order state agencies, departments, and offices to manage wastes by giving preference to pollution prevention, source reduction, and recycling strategies in advance of those representing treatment and disposal. 
To help state government do this, I am directing the rededication and expansion of a Clean State Program for state agencies. This program will be managed by a Vermont Clean State Council, which will include members of the Extended Cabinet or their designees, to be coordinated by the Department of Environmental Conservation and the Department of Buildings and General Services.The council shall be responsible for the development of programs, plans, and policies that promote pollution prevention and resource conservation throughout state government. The council shall convene quarterly during the year and be responsible for the following:
1. Development of a Materials Management Plan to enhance continued wise purchase, use and reuse of products, whenever feasible, that promoteresource conservation and pollution prevention. This plan shall beprepared and disseminated throughout state government by July 1, 2004 and shall include the following:
a.            practices and procedures to reduce the consumption of office paper purchased; and 
b. practices and procedures to require the use of chlorine-free recycled paper with the highest 
††††††††††post-consumer content feasible; and
†† c. institution of a source separation program to segregate all recyclables to meet the state's 50 
percent waste diversion goal.To maximize participation in the source separation programs, 
each agency and department shall assign a recycling coordinator who will serve as a liaison to 
the Department of Buildings and General Services no later than July 1, 2004; and 
d. procurement of products and supplies that are source reduced, or reusable, or have the highest recycled material content feasible; and 
e. procurement of nontoxic or less toxic cleaning and maintenance supplies, including paints and pesticides; and 
f. procurement of goods and services through contracts that maximize pollution prevention, 
resource†† conservation and toxics use reduction and energy conservation.
 2. Implementation of an education and information program, to be coordinated by theDepartment of Environmental Conservation and the Department of Buildings and General Services, to help state employees in the practice of resource conservation and pollution prevention, including environmentally-conscious procurement choices, reducing the use of products and materials opportunities for reuse, and recycling requirements.It is the goal of this program to ensure that state employees understand the importance of their leadership roles and environmental responsibilities and are aware of opportunities to use resource conservation and pollution prevention practices in daily decisions.
3. Participation with the Agency of Natural Resources and the Agency of Administration in the creation of a prototype state agency pollution prevention plan. A pollution prevention plan shall be developed for the executive branch of state government. The Department of Buildings and General Services shall develop a comprehensive environmental assessment of government operations and will issue the findings of this assessment to prepare the State Pollution Prevention Plan to be completed by January 15, 2005. The Plan shall include the following elements: a. a policy statement from each agency head indicating a commitment to resource conservation and pollution prevention in agency operations and certification that it is in full compliance with all environmental regulations; and b. a summary of key opportunities for resource conservation and pollution prevention that were identified by conducting the comprehensive environmental assessment of agency operations; and c. goals, objectives, and performance targets that the agency will strive to achieve within a period of one, two, and five years; and d. a description of expected costs and benefits of implementing the action strategies; and e. a program to educate employees about the pollution prevention and resource conservation efforts and to institutionalize their use.
 4. Preparation of a pollution prevention guidance document for all state agencies and a recommendation to the Governor on a process for pollution prevention implementation for all state agencies by January 15, 2005.By February 15 of each year, the Department of Environmental Conservation and the Department of Buildings and General Services shall report to the Governor on the progress of the State Recycling and Source Reduction Program.
This Executive Order shall take effect upon signing. This Executive Order supersedes and replaces Executive Order No. 06-94, codified as No. 10-18, effective April 22, 1994.
Witness my name hereunto subscribed and the Great Seal of the State of Vermont hereunto affixed at Montpelier this 8th day of April, 2004.
James H. Douglas Governor
By the Governor:
Neale F. Lunderville Secretary of Civil and Military Affairs
Office of the Governor, 
109 State Street, Pavilion, Montpelier, VT 05609-0101†† 
Phone: 1-800-649-6825
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