From various “canaries”.  Also note Carol Wheeler-Liston suggestion to contact:

Hamsa O’Doherty, 109 W. Main St., Strasburg, PA 17579, 717-687-3617, aslfriends@mymailtation.com .  (Hamsa was the evening sign interpreter at one FGC)


Especially: Alternative deodorant, soap, shampoo, cream rinse, shaving cream, Afro-American hair care products, insect repellant, etc.  Hopefully some would be available in regular stores like Wall Mart, Kroger, A&P, Eckerd's, Family Dollar as well as health food stores.


From Amy T:

Aubrey (shampoo, conditioner, skincare, makeup, and deodorant


Dr. Haushka

Avalon ?  (however they are embroiled in a debate over their claim of 70% organic ingredients being simply floral water, and the criticism that they are using many of the same synthetic ingredients as conventional companies). 

Burt's Bees shampoo bar and makeup

Logona and Paul Penders makeup 

Green Ban bug repellant (don't use Naturapel)

Badger insect repellant balm.


From Peggy M:

WalMart sells a line of fragrance free products for hunters. 



Dr. Bronner's unscented soap can be used as shampoo and soap and a hand-wash for clothing

Neutrogena, Original Unscented

Kiss My Face Olive Oil Soap (the original - some of the varieties have scents)

Baking soda. can be patted under the arms for deodorant, used to wash hair, used as a clothing wash. 



Dr Bronner's Soap (unscented)

Lagona Free

Pure Essentials Fragrance Free Shampoo

Thom's Unscented Shampoo

Magick Botanicals Fragrance Free Shampoo



Eucerin (fragrance-free, hypoallergenic)

Nature's Gate Herbal Fragrance-Free Moisturizing Lotion

Alba Botanicals Fragrance Free Lotion

Olive Oil, or any vegetable oil




Pure & Basic Green Tea Unscented Deodorant Stick

baking soda




Vinegar & baking soda (an excellent deodorizer as well)

Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda

Allen's Naturally

Seventh Generation Free & Clear (without dyes and fragrances - NOT the regular Seventh Generation)



Plain gelatin makes a styling gel. Dissolve one teaspoon in a cup of warm

water. Make sure to keep refrigerated.

You can also use Autumn Harp's Un-Petroleum Jelly. 

Naturade AloeVera 80 Fragrance Free Styling


From  "Lynn R

Date  Tue, 15 Jul 2003 6:23 AM

To  "Toxics Information Project (TIP)" <liberty@toxicsinfo.org>

Subject  Re: Assistance With List of Healthier Personal Care Products


Hi Lib,


Here are some options:


Liquid Soaps:  These are concentrated soaps and depending on how much it is diluted can serve as a gentle baby/face soap, body soap, shampoo, kitchen/dish soap, general cleaner and even as an insecticide at full strength, i.e, has many purposes and cost efficient.

These are all castile type soaps some with essential oils so the sensitive person may have one preference over another.

                  1)   Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap..includes various types (available at most health food stores and on-line at many vitamin sources

                  2)   Desert Essences: Castile Liquid Soap

                   3)  Mega Nutrition:  Super concentrated unscented, natural face and body soap (castile type soap)-- can be purchased from Abundant Earth   (www.abundantearth.com or 1-888-51-EARTH)

      Abundant Earth also has a good variety of other unscented products including a great Hand and Body Lotion, shampoos and conditioners. all safe from the harmful chemicals that are in most everything you see even at the health food stores.


 Although Aubrey Organics is a great company too and has lots of products that are safe from harmful ingredients many of them have strong scents (although all essential oils and not petrochemicals) but some I have a hard time handling and cannot use but others are just fine.


Giovanni and Australian Organics are two other companies that are fairly good about getting the dangerous chemicals out of hair products...but they all have some kind of natural scents (essential oils, herbs etc) so a sensitive person needs to determine which ones may be tolerable. The former you can get at many health stores, the latter I got through a search (www.australianorganics.net )


Repellants:  One I like is called Zero Bite (listed as natural safe effective, giving 4 hours of protection, field and lab tested safe plant extracts for adults and kids...protect against ticks, black flies, mosquitoes etc.) by Raincoast Natural Products 1-800-206-4950.  I got it through www.vitaminshoppe.com if I am remembering correctly, but I have seen it at health food stores.


Aubrey Organics also has one called GonE!  but I found the Zero Bite to work better.


NOTE: ANY natural safe repellant works via strong essential oils to repel...thus all of them have a detectable odor..that 's how they repel.  So here is where the sensitive person must act prudently by checking it out first..(this does not mean put nose up to the bottle and smell!..instead spray a bit into the open air and use hand to gently have the odor come to the nose) ....if used spray on clothes outside at destination (not in car or indoors) and carefully not breathing it in when spraying..etc. when returning home remove all sprayed clothing and wash any exposed skin areas etc... I will also note that the sensitive person needs to "make up their mind ahead of time" how much they are willing to tolerate..I say this because while there are specific odors that will always trigger a response...a component of that response IS conditioned and conditionable (this is why people/medical field say this is all in our heads!) and while the physiological responses that occur are real and can be debilitating ..there will always be a part of this response that we can work on and find ways to "counter-condition"...within limits of course.

Hope this is helpful,, Lynn


From:  JANE S: 

These are the companies to try Welleda, Kiss My Face, Nature’s Gate, and Tom’s of Maine .  ********************************************************************************************************************