Scent-Free Products List

The following list offers only a small sample of the scent-free products available and is not meant to be all-inclusive.  If you know of another good product, let us know and we will add it to the list.  E-mail us at   

General Merchandise



Noxema Complete Care for Sensitive Skin — fragrance-free


Oxy Daily Cleaning Pads for Sensitive Skin — fragrance-free

$7.00/99 pads

Body Wash


Aveeno Skin Relief Body Wash — fragrance-free


Dove Moisturizing Body Wash — unscented


Goat's Milk Moisturizing Body Wash — fragrance-free


Oil of Olay Moisturizing Body Wash — unscented


Our Compliments Moisturizing Body Wash — unscented




Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream — fragrance-free


Dermal Therapy Hand, Elbow & Knee Cream — fragrance-free


Jergens — unscented


Neutrogena Facial Cream — fragrance-free


Neutrogena Hand Cream — fragrance-free


Oil of Olay Complete Care — fragrance-free


Oil of Olay Total Effects — fragrance-free


Vaseline Intensive Care Hand Cream — unscented




Arm & Hammer Anti-perspirant — unscented


Arrid XX Roll-on — unscented


Arrid XX Solid Stick — unscented


Degree Original — unscented


Dove Invisible — fragrance-free


Dove Sensitive Skin — unscented


Dove Silk Protection — unscented


Dry Idea Roll-on — unscented


Lady Speed Stick Gel — unscented


Lady Speed Stick Invisible — unscented


Mitchum Clear Stick — unscented


Mitchum Solid — unscented


No Name Solid Stick — unscented


Secret Platinum — unscented


Secret Roll-on — unscented


Secret Sheer Dry — unscented




Alberto European Extra Hold Gel — unscented


Dep 10 Sport Endurance Gel — fragrance-free


Dep 10 Sport Extreme Hold — fragrance-free


Dippity-do Sport Gel — unscented




Alberto European Extra Hold Hairspray — unscented


Clairol Final Net Ultimate All-day Hold — unscented


Clairol Regular All-day Hold — unscented




Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion — fragrance-free


Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion — fragrance-free


Curel Moisturizing Body Lotion — unscented


Currel Therapeutic Moisturizing Lotion — fragrance-free


Dermal Therapy Extra Strength — fragrance-free


Exact — unscented


Goat's Milk Lotion Moisturizing — fragrance-free


Keri Lotion Deep Conditioning — unscented


Keri Lotion Fast Absorbing — unscented


Keri Lotion Original — unscented


Keri Lotion Skin Renewal SPF 15 — fragrance-free


Lubriderm Body Lotion — unscented


Lubriderm Lotion — unscented


Lubriderm Seriously Sensitive — fragrance-free


Neutrogena Body Emulsion — fragrance-free


Neutrogena Body Moisturizer — fragrance-free


Nivea Body Lotion — fragrance-free


Oil of Olay Sensitive Skin — fragrance-free


PHisoderm — unscented


Vaseline Intensive Care Body Lotion — unscented


Shaving Cream


Aveeno Therapeutic Shaving Gel — unscented


Nivea for Men Sensitive Aftershave Balm — unscented


Nivea for Men Shaving Gel — unscented




Aveeno Balancing Bar — fragrance-free


Aveeno Clear Skin Bar — fragrance-free


Aveeno Moisturizing Bar — fragrance-free


Dove — unscented

$2.00-$3.00/2 bars

Goat's Milk Soap — fragrance-free


Jergen's Naturals — unscented

$2.00/2 bars

Neutrogena — fragrance-free

$8.00/3 bars

Oil of Olay — unscented

$2.00-$3.00/2 bars



L'Oreal Ombrelle Suncare Research SPF 15 & 30 — unscented


Specialty Store Items




Botanical Therapeutic Tree Essence — fragrance-free


Nature Clean Organic Conditioner — fragrance-free




Earth Science Almond-Aloe Facial Moisturizer — unscented


Earth Science Beta Ginseng Hydrating CrΟme — fragrance-free




DSA Crystal Deodorant Stone — unscented


Earthwise Baking Soda — unscented


JASON Natural Cosmetics Clearly Fresh and Natural — unscented


Kiss My Face Liquid Rock Roll-on — fragrance-free


Kiss My Face Solid Stick with Baking Soda and Clay


Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal — fragrance-free


Nature's Gate Crystal — fragrance-free


Nature's Gate Winter Clean Roll-on


NutriBiotic, The Original with Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera — unscented


Tom's of Maine — unscented




JASON Vitamin E Natural Hand & Body Lotion — fragrance-free


Kiss My Face — Olive & Aloe Oil Free Moisturizer — fragrance-free


Nature's Gate — Herbal Moisturizing Lotion — fragrance-free




Botanical Therapeutic Tree Essence — fragrance-free


Druide Shampoo Hypoallergen, Horsetail & Proteins — fragrance-free


Earth Science Pure Essentials Shampoo — fragrance-free


Nature Clean Herbal Shampoo — fragrance-free


Shaving Cream


Kiss My Face Natural Moisture Shave — fragrance-free




Kiss My Face Liquid Soap — fragrance-free


Kiss My Face Pure Olive Oil Soap — fragrance-free


Nature Clean Pure Soap — fragrance-free




Alba Botanical Sun Protection, Water Resistant SPF 15 — fragrance-free


These prices were recorded in July 2002, and are rounded to the nearest fifty cents.