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Fragrance-Free Policy

     Some persons employed with or visiting Governor's Council on Disability offices or events report sensitivities to various chemical-based or scented products.  We ask for everyone's cooperation in our efforts to accommodate their health concerns.

     The Governor's Council on Disability requests that all offices and spaces used by Council staff and by their visitors remain free of chemical-based scented products. Specifics of this request include:

  • Use non-scented body products (i.e., lotion, hair spray).
  • Refrain from the use of items in office areas that give off chemical-based scents (i.e., air fresheners, potpourri).
  • Allow recently dry-cleaned clothing to air before wearing.
  • Use least toxic cleaning products, disinfectants, and paints.

     This request is not a ban on scented products, but a request to voluntarily refrain from chemical-based scented products so that chemical barriers will not prevent access to Governor's Council on Disability services for people reporting multiple chemical sensitivities.

     All programs conducted by Governor's Council on Disability are available to clientele on a nondiscriminatory basis without regard to race, color, creed, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, gender, age, or disability.

GCD Staff Responsibilities

  • Ensure that signage informing staff, clients, and visitors of scent-free environment are posted in office and meeting areas.  See Policy Statement for suggested wording.
  • Inform staff of guidelines periodically at all-staff meetings.
  • Whenever an appointment or meeting is scheduled, request attendees to refrain from use of scented products on the day of the visit.
  • If a visitor or client arrives wearing scented body products, staff is asked to indicate that the product may prevent people with chemical sensitivity from being in the same area. Attempts to mitigate the impact of the scented products will be made.
  • When planning for meetings, assumption should be made that an attendee will need accommodation for multiple chemical sensitivities.  When possible, staff will plan the meeting in a place that has good ventilation, furniture with minimal or no upholstery, and where no painting or remodeling has recently been done.  In addition, the meeting place should be either uncarpeted or should have carpeting that has not recently been cleaned.  The meeting place should not be near entrances where fumes from loading docks, laundry facilities, or other sources can enter.
  • Staff will coordinate with Facilities Management in order to receive information regarding pesticide applications, painting, floor waxing, and other activities that will introduce chemical scents within the office environment or meeting place. Staff who are responsible for ordering office-cleaning products are advised to coordinate with Facilities Management to order the least toxic product available.
  • Hotels and other facilities where meetings are held will be requested to remove or disconnect any fragrance emitting devices from the meeting rooms and restrooms, and to not schedule any carpet cleaning, painting, pesticide application or other activities which will introduce chemical scents within the meeting environment.

Last modified: 10.27.04

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