Brigham and Women's Hospital
Personnel Policy Manual


Fragrance-Controlled Workplace

Reprinted with permission of
Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston




It is the policy of Brigham and Women's Hospital to strive to be a fragrance-controlled institution. The hospital's philosophy supports a healthful environment for patients, employees, physicians, volunteers and visitors. The hospital recognizes that exposure to strong scents and fragrances in the environment can cause discomfort as well as directly impact the health of sensitive individuals. Therefore, for the comfort and health of all, use of scents and fragrant products, other than minimally scented personal care products, by BWH employees and staff, is discouraged, particularly in clinical areas. 


APPLIES TO: All Employees




Fragrances: any product which produces a scent, strong enough to be perceived by others including but not limited to colognes, perfumes, after shave products, lotions, powders, deodorants, hair sprays and other hair products, and other personal products.




Fragrances and scented products that are perceived by others in addition to the user are not to be worn in the hospital, particularly in the clinical areas.


Air fresheners and room deodorizers which have been approved by the Product Committee may be used as directed. These products are intended to mask other objectionable odors for the purpose of improved environmental comfort.


Any employee with concerns about scents or other odors associated with products used while performing job duties should contact his/her department's Product Committee representative to determine if there is an appropriate product substitution available. Any employee with concerns about potential symptoms caused by exposure to fragrances should be referred to the Occupational Health Service for evaluation.




Department heads and managers/supervisors are responsible for encouraging staff to comply with this policy.


It is the responsibility of all employees for supporting this policy. 


8/2001  VII-110