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Dear -----,


I was so happy to read yours and Alicia's articles.  I wanted to tell you that your article made a huge impact at the (non-Quaker) nursing home where my mother is.  My mother is chemically damaged, but her brain has deteriorated to such an extent, it's hard to know when or if she is having a reaction.  Her behavior, from a series of chemical brain injuries, is such that she has been kicked out of several Alzheimer’s units and has been committed to psych units a couple of times, just in the past 6 months.  I couldn't keep her at my home or hers because she was a danger, pulling wires out of the walls and using knives to open doors.  She has also become violent and screams constantly.  So I'm hesitant to complain now that I've found a nursing home that will accept her behavioral problems.


I did investigate the cleaning and pest control programs at this facility.  I also requested that the nurses caring for her not wear perfume.  I noticed that, although the nurses do not, some of the other employees wear massive amounts of perfume.  So when I was invited to a meeting to discuss my mothers care in general, I praised their work, then casually handed your article to them with a short explanation of my experiences of passing the 'doused' workers.  Well, it turned out the dietician has been complaining about the fragrances - and has been meeting with resistance.  So she was happy to see me bringing up the subject.


I refused to 'name names' when it came to the 'offenders', saying it was obvious to anyone who inhaled who they were.  And I didn't want to get anyone into trouble, but I thought that if they knew the damage it did to themselves, they probably wouldn't wear the fragrances anyway.  I didn't make any demands or even requests other than they read your article.


Well, this week I realized that no one is wearing perfume.  I pass many employees, including those who had been dumping it on, and -- nothing -- no smell.


The article was very well written, concise, yet explaining the whole issue, from scientific fact to personal experience.


Thanks for doing it,


Connie Eash

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