Asthma Triggers: Household Products


Excerpted From:  The Asthma Handbook


“Triggers: Know Your Troublemakers”


Available from the American Lung Association


When I work at home, I sometimes have asthma trouble. What household products can trigger asthma?

Our homes are loaded with products that can irritate the sensitive lungs of people with asthma and bring on episodes. Try to avoid breathing vapors from cleaning solvents, paint, paint thinner, and liquid chlorine bleach. Also avoid household sprays such as furniture polish, starch, and cleaners.

Personal products in the home also can irritate your lungs. Common troublemakers are spray deodorants, perfumes, hair sprays, talcum powder, and scented cosmetics.

Reactions to these products may be mild or severe. Some people are helped by using baking soda in water or special baking soda cleaning products for household cleaning. Some jobs, like painting, may have to be done by someone else.  Even if you notice little or no reaction from household products , it's best for everyone with asthma to avoid sprays and breathe the cleanest air possible.




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